“Don’t let her quiet, unassuming manner fool you...Ms. Keke will not shout at you details or make a whole lot of excited gestures when she is performing a reading for you. You must listen carefully to each and EVERY word she says because whatever comes out of her mouth will not go out void and it will be the bone truth! My astrological reading with Ms. Keke was so on point, so much so that it is still unfolding to this day and I received the reading over a year ago!!  It is the most comprehensive, the most useful reading I’ve ever received and I still refer to it from time to time because it’s still valid!! I cried during the reading as she supplied information to a missing link that I sorely needed in order to move forward with my life purpose and gifts! A reading from Ms Keke will be well worth your time and money! But don’t come with any foolishness...she’ll see right  through that!”

Tunnie K.
Astrological Reading, May 2017

I love Kiki and The 3rd Eye Lounge. I brought her "Open The Way" candle and after a little time and a little patience things have been starting to open up for me just like Kiki said it would. Thank you Kiki for all your help.

Esther Adams