3rd Eye Lounge is a "Boutique botanica " who's mission is to preserve, educate and restore the medicinal, spiritual and metaphysical practices of DAEUS (Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States) women and men. This rich cultural legacy has to be continued by reminding/reeducating DAEUS people of our unique ancestral healing ways by providing products and services including spiritual consultations, workshops and classes. Ikeoma (i ke Oma) Divine, affectionately known by her peers as "Kiki", is the owner of 3rd Eye Lounge. This registered nurse and spiritual counselor follows in the steps of her paternal great grandmother who was also a midwife and nurse in South Carolina. Ikeoma's holistic approach to healing encompasses conventional and alternative methods used to treat the whole person (including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects) rather than simply managing the signs and symptoms of a diagnosed disease. She utilizes Tarot, Astrology and mediumship as divination tools.